More About Me

Knowledge of the Market

One of the best reasons to find a knowledgable broker is for a solid understanding of the market. Every week I see twenty homes so I can pull up in my mind a home that fits your description. Each year I see over 800 homes up close and personal. Knowing the market could be the single most important characteristic of your agent: what is selling, what is not selling, how much should it sell for. Without an understanding of this it is difficult for an agent to represent you the way you deserve. I know the market and this knowledge will help me assist you whether you are buying or selling.

Community First

My job is not simply to sell you a home or sell your home. I will support you every way I can. That is important to me. A home purchase is a very big decision but it is one of many big events that happen in your life. My hope is to see Kate score her first goal or celebrate your thirtieth birthday with you or join up on a backbacking trip in the Cascades. I don't feel like I can help you the way you deserve with your home purchase without remembering you at other points along the journey. It's really nice working for a company that believes the exact same thing I believe. We're a community here to help each other along the way. Buying or selling a home is one of the stops.

Finding the Best

The process of finding a home can take months. You need someone who will help you find just what you need. You want a broker who will not rush you but will be with you to give you the resources along the way to make a good decision. You want someone honest and knowledgable. And you want a broker who will negotiate and represent you so that you get the best for you. I look forward to helping you get started.

The Person

I'm honest, devoted, professional, hard-working, competitive, positive, knowledgable, light-hearted and caring. I feel that I'm very fortunate to wake up each day and do what I do. My family and friends are some of the biggest reasons I smile so often. Life is a gift. I enjoy anything related to the outdoors from skiing to backpacking to fishing. I played sports through college and can be fiercely competitive on the ping pong table, so watch out! This competitive personality translates well to what I do in real estate.